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Punk and Social Distancing - Like Mixing Oil & Water

We are all missing standing in a crowd, right? Everything that comes naturally at a Punk gig is now taboo. No standing , no cheering on, no singing to your favourite band's tune, no sitting with friends from different households, don't move, don't take that chance!

Hand sanitiser not only kills the germs and stops the spread (so we're told) but we have been subconsciously sanitised, secretly killing the social part of the gig. One-way system (great band) is now a way of life, a pathway to the bar or a trip to the toilet once that seal has broken. The new normal, they say.

But it is the new normal for now, with so many people wanting a return to normality and wanting music back in their lives it comes at a price. The pressure to deliver is immense, promoters want people to buy tickets, fewer tickets than before at a higher price to pay the band's wages, to pay the sound engineers, and to fill the venues.

As gigs are postponed and tickets still valid and many hoping that in 6 months' time we will be back to normal, well there doesn't appear to be a back to normal anytime soon. Restrictions will play some part in the future and the fear factor has certainly seen to that as track and trace puts another local venue on the back burner with many more over coming months.

Call it foolhardy of venues for putting on live music at this present time but what are they to do? They work within the guidelines and are as keen to get back to some normality as we the customers are. We are all in this together and we must support grass root venues and the grass music!! We know that live music venues were closing well before Covid hit our shores, but we must also be realistic and we must look after each other.

It's difficult for Punk and Social distancing to mix, we are a relatively friendly bunch and gigs are a massive part of our social calendar but with Covid around every corner we throw oil on water and hope that we come to no harm. But oil and water do not mix and one always floats to the top. At the moment that is Covid. It will win some battles but we will win the ultimate war. Support DIY!


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