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Independently produced Punk and Oi CDs, limited editions, new punk and unreleased punk, the best Punk and Oi compilations on sale via punkbootpromotions and from the bands themselves

In the true SPIRIT OF DIY, we collaborate with bands to independently produce compilation CDs throughout the year.  We also support bands by giving them a space to sell their merchandise via our website
 'Punk Ain't No Picnic'
Compilation CDs + booklet featuring the bands that play our Punx Picnic events. 
This is self-released punk compilation each year and bands are able to take copies to sell themselves as part of their own merchandise stock

'Spirit of DIY' 
We opened up a compilation CD to Punk & Oi bands from the UK and rest of the world.  With their artistic input, this self-released compilation CD brings some new music to our audience and puts money in the band's pockets


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