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Spirit of DIY T-Shirt
Spirit Of DIY Tshirt
Spirit of DIY Tshirt
Spirit of DIY T-Shirt
Spirit Of DIY T-Shirt




Spirit Of DIY T-shirt

When those buying music from small independent promoters, bands, record shops, and those producing home-made fanzines met with those being seen to be looking fashionably offensive, the collision saw clothes adapted and slogans written across shirts, hair was short and styles were mixed with others.  Ties from the mods, boots from skinheads, and hair colour from glam rock.  

Everyone could design an outfit, everyone could play a guitar or produce a fanzine, it did not matter how it sounded or looked.  

This was and still is 'do-it-yourself' a principle still in practice today throughout PUNK & Oi  

Spirit of DIY 

Supporters of DIY understand the ethos of independently producing without the need of input from large companies or mainstream labels  


PUNKBOOT try to keep as much as they can DIY.  They maintain the tradition where possible that everything produced is by using their own skills or the skills of other creative individuals working in the scene

The Spirit of DIY is their own design with a back-story for those interested to know!

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