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Diversified Lockdown

Well, it's been an interesting year 2020, now that its behind us we can, with some hope look forward to better times. People talk of a normality returning but don't you feel that a new normality has taken over?

Social distancing will become the new Oxford English Dictionary phrase in these pandemic times, society will become not only immune to a disease but is becoming immune to social interaction at least for the time being.

So, what's the answer to getting back to normal? Well, there isn't one, not yet at least, not until the law of the land say there is.

As a small independent business, we have had to diversify by looking at other avenues of trade to allow us to trade. We have kicked gigs into the long grass at least for now, let's face it there’s nothing more irritating than having hopes built up of a gig only to have that expectation snatched away again and again, it’s frustrating for bands and fans. So as promoters we’re forced to be patient over gigs, so have taken the opportunity to upgrade skills which benefit bands. Gigs will return but only when we’re told it's safe to do so.

As we ride this out, we continue to promote bands in both the UK and abroad. We have worked with many bands recently from the UK, USA, Canada and France, in promoting their merchandise either Vinyl sales or CDs or clothing ranges, we are currently waiting to release our own Vinyl compilation in collaboration with some fantastic bands, and slowly but steadily building up our website for you our customers to return to time after time.

We do this for you and for our own love of the music and the scene as a whole. A scene that has not been without its problems over the years but for over 30 years we’ve been involved in it in some form or other, and right now our motivation is to bring and introduce new bands which help to keep it going!!

We will be back with gigs when we can, until then enjoy the website

Buying from Punkboot helps put money into a band’s pocket which is very much appreciated during these uncertain times.

Stay Patient! Stay Safe!


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